Mosquito repellent clothing that keeps you safe from mozzie bites and funds the fight against malaria

Lasts 70 Washes | Skin Safe | Organic Cotton | 50% of profits donated

Long lasting treatment

Our shirts stay mosquito repellent for up to 70 washes.

The insect repellent treatment provides an invisible barrier against mozzies and other insects. Better yet, it's odourless!

Let the people speak
The best shirt I've ever owned!
I have worn my shirt while climbing, running, hiking and everything in between without ever been bothered by pesky mosquitos.
— Jake B.
These shirts actually work!! Less bites. Perfect for any occasion. Super comfy and practical.
— Taylor W.
Love my borne shirt! As someone who is constantly out and about hiking/camping, I was happy to have a shirt that was not only comfortable but also great style and kept me from getting bitten.
— Ruth M
Shirt is comfortable and is a staple for me out by the BBQ. So far so good on the mozzie protection!
— Morgan K.
Bought an original classic tee for my partner and he absolutely loves it. It’s a staple for all his camping trips, and it’s wonderful to know that my purchase contributed to a great cause.
— Taran G.