How It Works

Our shirts are a skin safe and odourless barrier against mozzies and other insects.

Our treatment keeps mosquitos away from areas of your body covered by clothing. The built-in halo effect will also reduce mozzie bites on nearby areas of exposed skin.

Our active ingredient is safe to wear all day long.

But it's dangerous for mozzies! Permethrin is a safe and effective mosquito repellent based on a chrysanthemum flower extract. It has been in use for centuries and is approved for use in Australia.

Our treatment is durable. It won't wash out easily.

Our treatment is bound to the cotton fibres themselves. You can wash it at home like any other shirt and it won't wash out, keeping you safe for up to 70 washes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is the mosquito repellent?

Pretty darn effective! Research shows that permethrin treated clothing that tested at 66% knockdown in the laboratory achieved a 97% bite reduction in the field.

A small item of repellent clothing provides less repellency than a larger one. You may need to adjust the amount and type of repellent clothing you wear, depending on the number of biting insects that are present. For example, you might prefer to wear long sleeves instead of short; or add socks. Topical repellent can be used for exposed skin, and is especially recommended for areas with lots of mosquitos.

Learn more about Knockdown Testing methodology and the results of the US Army/USDA Research Study on permethrin treated clothing.

Is the repellent treatment safe?

Yes! Our garments are non-toxic and skin safe! Our garments have been approved for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. The treatment is also safe for use around pets (unless your pets are mosquitos).

How long will the repellent last for?

Our clothing has been tested up to 70 standard washes. At that point, the clothing’s protection was 96% as effective as it was to begin with. We expect that with normal product care, your garment’s protective goodness will last longer than the shirt itself!

Does the repellent treatment smell?

Not even slightly! Our treatment is completely odourless. To the naked eye or nose you can't tell the difference between a treated and untreated garment.

If you can smell something, we reckon you could probably use a shower.

What insects does it repel?

Borne Clothing has been registered to repel mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies, ants, midges and fleas.

Australian companies require extensive effectiveness data to prove a product's ability to repel insects. Many species and varieties of these insects have been tested, including many that can carry dangerous diseases.

How is this better than standard mozzie spray?

Our garments put insect repellent near your skin, instead of directly on it. The repellent barrier is invisible, odourless, and doesn't need you to keep reapplying it all day!

Ready to be mozzie free?

Customer reviews
The best shirt I've ever owned! I have worn my shirt while climbing, running, hiking and everything in between without ever been bothered by pesky mosquitos.
— Jake B.
These shirts actually work!! Less bites. Perfect for any occasion. Super comfy and practical.
— Taylor W.
Love my borne shirt! As someone who is constantly out and about hiking/camping, I was happy to have a shirt that was not only comfortable but also great style and kept me from getting bitten.
— Ruth M.
Shirt is comfortable and is a staple for me out by the BBQ. So far so good on the mozzie protection!
— Morgan K.