How We Do It

Our donations are the tip of the iceberg.

Everything we do is guided by a simple belief – that our everyday choices can make a world of difference.

This belief is crucial. Without it, we’re just a business that gives money. With it, we’re so much more than that. We’re a social enterprise.

Social enterprise doesn’t just mean avoiding the bad. It means embracing the good.

Our approach to building a social enterprise has been simple: minimise our negative impact and maximise the good we do.

This outlook has led to key decisions at every step of our process – from how our cotton is grown to how it ends up on your doorstep.

Our products are made from organic cotton.

Our aim is to be soft on the planet – almost as soft as our shirts are to touch.

We manufacture with 100% organic cotton fabric, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard

Organic cotton means no pesticides, and can mean significantly less water use than non-organic cotton.

We use certified manufacturers

Our manufacturing partners hold a variety of approved ethical certifications. 

This means employment in good working conditions that meet ethical standards. Our donations to end malaria shouldn't result from the unfair treatment of others.

Our fulfilment service empowers people living with disability

Borne is partnered with Avenue, an Australian social enterprise. They empowers people with disability to complete work tasks, socialise and develop individual skills regardless of their support needs.

Team members at Avenue provide a skilled order fulfilment service for Borne, and work towards self-directed remuneration goals filled from a profit share model.

We’re thrilled to be a part of their mission.