Why We Exist

A child dies from malaria every 66 seconds.

Malaria is an entirely preventable disease carried by mosquitos. Simple tools like mosquito nets and medications can mean the difference between life and death.

But simple tools aren't free.

Funding is at the heart of this problem.

For most of us, a bite today means an itch tonight. For over 480,000 children each year, it means catching a deadly disease.

Almost half of those children at the greatest risk of malaria don’t have a bednet to keep them safe at night. Bednets might be cheap, but they aren't free.

The World Health Organisation has said that the single biggest issue in the fight against malaria is a lack of sustainable funding.

We donate half of our profits to fund the fight against malaria.

We’re on a mission to end this deadly disease. We've committed to donating 50% of our profits to United to Beat Malaria.

Our donations fund simple but critical tools like bednets for those who need them most.

Our dream is a future without malaria.

Since the turn of the century, tools like bednets have prevented an estimated 1.7 billion cases of malaria.

A paper-thin bednet can make a world of difference.

Malaria might be an enourmous problem, but it’s a problem we can hope to solve.

With the help of hundreds of customers, we’re on the path to making that dream come true. One mosquito-repellent t-shirt at a time!