What We’ve Done

(So far!)

Thanks to the support of hundreds of customers, we've been able to donate $5000AUD after just two years!

Choosing which shirt you wear might be an everyday decision, but it doesn’t have to be an ordinary one.

What was it used for?

Our donation is funding indoor residual spraying campaigns in Nigeria

Indoor residual spraying involves coating interior walls with an insecticide that can last for months on end. This keeps people safe in the comfort of their homes.

Why Nigeria?

Nigeria accounts for more than 25% of all malaria infections worldwide

Located in West Africa, Nigeria is the sixth-most populous country in the world. It continues to be affected by armed conflict, mass displacement, and the world's highest rates of malaria.

What's next?

A dream as big as ours needs people power

When you wear a mozzie-free tee, you're buying critical tools like bednets, which can keep two people safe for up to three years of sleep.

Peace of mind for you can mean a peaceful sleep for two!

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